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Think out of the Box’ Workshops /Trainings/ Lec-Demos

Manjeeram’s Lecture Demonstrations or Workshops or Training Modules have always been ‘Think out of the Box’ genre. These programs have been customized and hence are niche programmes. The strength of Manjeeram’s works has been its duration. Delivering the most thought provoking concept with precision and brevity has been Manjeeram’s USP.

Dance – A Language, an Expression & in day-to-day life Effective communication is essential for success. Apart from the language there are various other factors that affect good communication. This interactive lec demo helps you grasp these nuances through dance. Methodology: Lecture Demo can be elaborated in to a Workshop Duration: Minimum 20 minutes

Leadership through Dance This unique workshop aims at showcasing the various qualities of a leader through dance. The characteristic aspects of a good leader such as vision, time management, multi-tasking, excellence and commitment are creatively expressed with parallel reference to dance. Methodology: Lecture Demo can be elaborated in to a Workshop Duration: Minimum 9 minutes for Version 1, Minimum 20 minutes for version 2

Personality Development through Dance True personality development is achieved through a fine balance of the mind, body and soul. Dance is an effective tool that makes one attain this seamlessly. Personality Development through Dance is one of its kind training which will benefit any gender and age alike. Methodology: Workshop Duration: Minimum 2 Hours Personality Development through Dance presentation

Team management through dance: Motivation and cooperation are the two important elements essential for a good team performance. Today team management and HR play an important role in the corporate world. This workshop explains its significance and portrays these tools through dance. Methodology: Workshop Duration: Minimum 1 Hour

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