What We do

Manjeeram is a one stop shop for any group across the stratum, which presents visual performing art - Bharatanatyam in the form of entertainment programs, variety shows, training workshops, customized programs and thematic presentations.

Entertainment: Leisure today has become the most luxurious commodity and with our entertainment segment it would be the most economic article of trade for a break from your hard-pressed schedule that would give a perfect work-life balance.

Variety Shows: Variety being the spice of life, the variety shows are a perfect blend of local and conventional flavours.

Training Workshops: Manjeeram workshops cater to niche groups that believe in delivering the best differently. Modules that visually bombard management theories that form the core of any learning and development program across corporates, communities or academia are Manjeeram's forte. Think out of the box - Think Manjeeram

Customized Programs: One size fits all is a rarity and our flexi-work system makes room for any program to be made customizable. You name it-You have it.

Thematic Presentations: The soul of Manjeeram lies in its ability to produce anything in and around a theme, that being our biggest strength. Our thematic presentations cover any aspect of solo, duet or group.

What we do is we help you Conceive, Perceive and Receive.

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