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9 th April 2016 – Shilparamam Amphitheater.

At 'Manjeeram' the students are given guidance and are supported to explore their inner strengths in the field of Dance or otherwise, besides giving necessary inputs and training to be a Dancer.

One such exercise, which we can call as a Student project was given to the students very recently when "Dhara" a thematic presentation was given by 7 accomplished Bharatha Naatyam Dancers of Twin Cities - which includes their Mentor and Director of Manjeeram, Archana Karry - all with Kalakshetra base - at Shilparamam, Hyderabad.

Three teams of students were formed - were asked to don the roles of Dance/art critics and Reporters for the evening. The task was to watch the "Dhara" presentation, understand various nuances and elements that go into the making of a presentation of a dance recital, do a review and present a Reviewers Report to the Institution, whereby they are made to establish connectivity between their learnings as Bharata Natyam Students, and the presentation by "Dhara Team" and then show case their analysis and understanding through their Reviewers Reports.

Manjeeram is happy to acknowledge their work and it's depth by presenting excerpts of reports of all the three teams which are as under:


Sub Editor : Akshata

Reporters: Neelima, Parvathi, Eesha, Srijani, Divya, Shalini & Thanmayee

While acknowledging the performing artists they have captured the essence of the theme "Dhara" when they wrote:

".....have formed a group through which they are trying to convey that though we have lots of new technologies to keep us in touch, we are getting disconnected to nature and are not able to live in harmony" .....

The critics in them came out when they wrote:

"....the first piece of the evening ......... This piece had very nice postures and was well co- ordinated."

"...The second piece performed by ..... Was rather fast paced. This item had very good formations and Abhinaya"

Regarding third piece ... This is Shiva Panchakshari.

"This item had complicated thanam through which the dance glided. This piece was enthralling".

-is what they wrote.

The fourth piece, they say ....."uniquely choreographed with good formations and Abhinaya".

Fifth ... "A Tamil Nadu Folk Dance..... Full of wonderful Nritta and Abhinaya"

Sixth... "....A Thillana, dedicated to Smt. Rukmani Devi ..... Pure Nritta .....very graceful".

The final observation ...."Though the performance was great, the dancers were not always well coordinated. It could have been due to lack of practice or any other reason"....


Editor in Chief: Meghana Kurup

Sub – Editor : Janvi Kl

Reporters: Nitya D, Adithri

This group has covered some more unexplored areas of Group I and they said:

Item I. ...."Ananda Natamidum Paadam" in Ragam - Kedara Gouli and Talam - Adi. The Angasuddham was incredible"......

Item II. They have sweetly captured......"...presentation which was a beautiful treat to the eyes was introduction of Dhara - Celebrating ``life's flow ...Graceful foot work with divine music score to the background and a dramatic narration best described the importance of life's journey connected to elements of nature highlighted the co existence of flora and fauna with the modernisation and maintaining a balance on the Mother Earth. .....

" Another striking highlight of this presentation was original music composition which was due and rendered by the upcoming talented artist Keerthana, daughter of Danseuse Vanita....."

They added :

...."The crowning piece ..... Dance presented for 'GANANAYAKAYA' .......... All the Dancers had a distinctive clarity of movements were.... Which astounded the audience..."

They followed with observations like ....

Shiva Panchakshari .... Graceful

Nandi Chollu ...Fabulous

...."Presentation of Mathe Malayadhwaja...... One of the best song selections in the whole repertoire...."

The Conclusion

...."Natabhairavi Thillana .... Dancers proved their expertise in distinctive Kalakshetra Style ......"

"Climax was bringing the joy of folk fusion style ... The Costumes were apt and ambience serene....."


Editor :Bhavana

Reporters : Shreya, T. Nitya, Sruthi, and Radhika

The third group's summations were as under:

....." On......the audiences of Shilparamam witnessed "Dhara" a phenomenal display of Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam put up by 7 professional dancers.....

...."Was a wonderful concept accompanied by very good music and item sequence that made a strong dance repertoire......"

".....The Dancers took the audiences through 7 items the first of which was Ananda Nadavidum......The Dancers ..............added beauty to the song with the rift energy..."

...."The Second item .... A personification of Dhara or the flow was a wonderful performance accompanied by soulful music that show cased the flow of life around us...."

While covering the third item, Gajanana, in their review, the group made a statement.

"........punctuated by mechanical but graceful coordination of the Dancers."

On fourth item - Shiva Panchakshari - Reviewers mentioned

...."beautiful choreography".

On fifth presentation / the reviewers just narrated the content.

Regarding 6th item : Tamil Folk Song ..... They made an observation ....

"performance by transformed dancers...."

The last and 7th was a Thillana .....

"characterised by swirls and difficult Adavu patterns"

.... Is what they said.

Finally, in conclusion, the Group 3 said

......."a pleasant even Bing accompanied by perfect synchronic display surely made the hearts of the audience fall prey to the beauty of Bharata Natyam in its true glory...."

Manjeeram compliments all the three Groups Students for their exhibition of inner talents in the above exercise cum project and wish them all the best in their endeavours in their lives to be successful contributors to the Society.

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