Dance ballets /program All dance ballets and dance based programs are conceived and developed by Manjeeram to suit the occasion and requirement of the organizer. These programs usually are either message based or idea based to provide both learning and entertainment in one full package. Further programs and performances can be customized as the need and occasion.


Concept: The idea was to bring to the fore the core values that this great emperor stood for. Values of humility and right social behaviour are creatively portrayed along with the various management theories that he propounded and still stand true today.

Duration: 90 minutes

Artists: 15 to 18

Genre: Dance Ballet

Colours of India:

Concept: India with its vibrant cultural diversity provides numerous reasons to celebrate life. ‘Colours of India’ is a potpourri of both classical and folk dances that brings out the myriad shades of our country.

Duration: 45 minutes

Artists: Minimum 8

Genre: Variety Show


Concept: This presentation is a unique confluence of dance and music. Carnatic and contemporary genres fuse to create Sammelanam. A presentation that is a treat to watch, hear and experience.

Duration: 45 minutes

Artists: Minimum 2

Genre: Repertoire


Concept: Drishti means vision not just of the eye but also of the mind. This variety show highlights a few of the myriad aspects that an eye defines or perceives through dance pieces. Dance forms include Contemporary Bharatanatyam and Folk set to fusion music.

Duration: 45 minute

Artists: Minimum 6

Genre: Thematic presentation


Theme: Vandanams or salutations are an important part of our culture. Here we present the varied aspects of saluting. We take you to a journey from our roots to the current transition we have attained through the simple aspect of vandanam. Dance forms include Contemporary, Bharatanatyam & Yoga

Duration: 35 minutes

Artists: Minimum 8

Genre: Thematic presentation

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