About Manjeeram

Manjeeram is a unique Bharatanatyam dance academy that brings to you the true essence of this great art form which is to enhance human potential. It aims to empower the mind, body and soul to optimise output in every field of life. The word Manjeeram is a distinctive derivative from Manjeera which is a synonym to Lord Shiva’s ankle bells.

The Dance: Bharatanatyam an ancient dance form which originated in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu. It involves complex postures, quick movements, refined emotions and years of practice to perfect it.

The danseuse: Archana Karry, the founder of Manjeeram is a passionate Bharatanayam dancer and holds a post graduate degree from Kalakshetra Chennai. Apart from various performances in India and abroad, she also has conceptualised various dance ballets and conducted dance based personality development programs for leading corporate companies.

The idea: To bring this classical dance form out of the hallows of tradition to modern everyday life while retaining its fervour and technique.  Bharatanatyam for everyone.

The benefits: The benefits are as far ranging from personality development to a heightened awareness of one’s senses and the environment. As it involves a lot of yogic postures it tones the body, improves concentration and body balance. It also betters the hand eye coordination and posture, builds confidence and acts as a stress buster to chaos of modern day living. On another level it enhances creativity, soothes the soul and develops the intellect.

The path:  Manjeeram has simplified this complex dance form into various dance modules while retaining the integrity of it.  Conceptualised and developed by Archana these modules suit different groups of people.  Regular workshops are held in various corporate offices to enhance team work and employee potential. Communities and students also vastly benefit from Manjeeram’s customised training sessions.

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