It took me a minimum 12 years to dare to have my own website. Somewhere, I felt developing one’s own website administers a certain responsibility towards others, who clicks your URL and also accountability on self to ensure, you give something worth scrolling down the opened window for the ones who open it.

All thanks to my family, friends to specially name Sandhya Thakre, Kiran Soma, Vishalakshi & U. Hima Bindu (who believed in me more than I did) & bad friends [my daughter doesn’t even know what an enemy is and she calls a classmate of hers a bad friend only because he takes pleasure hitting everyone around with no reason, still he is considered a friend who has bad manners. How I wish the same innocence and tolerance could be maintained, why should we even document a word ‘enemy’ in the dictionary and give it synonyms and its usage, anyways in my case bad friends for me are the ones who perhaps left me for they feel I am bad for them]

This segment consciously termed as ‘Insights’, is created to optimally utilize the freedom of expression. A habit cultivated to pen down my experiences for my daughter as a chronicle inspired from my dear friend Nishi Levit’s words of wisdom to do so. These are purely my experiences and outlook. This is not intended to instigate or divert any one’s belief or understanding about this great art form or any particular individual or philosophy. A sheer outcome from one of our discussions at Brandhill office in Banjara Hills, I would like to thank Afroze (Manjeeram’s content writer and now a sweet friend of mine) and Vedant (Founder & CEO, Brandhill) a very dear friend of mine and the key person who has been instrumental to enable this space in my website.

This segment is my Insight in my journey into becoming a dancer!

To quote – “Any resemblance with any incident or person or quote is purely coincidental and not intentional”.

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