Flight of Confidence

Being a HR professional, I give freelance trainings for corporates, communities, students and to be honest never leave anyone or thing with bearing at least one ear or something similar to that. The day those poor souls are victimized to my lectures like how perhaps your poor eyes are being victimized now no one can help them. As a trainer there is this huge responsibility on the role of a trainer that one should preach what one practices not because it is a law, may be yes, it could probably be seen in a code of conduct or a Manu Smriti which according to me was the first law for civilized social animals that we all were or are still.

My job is to carefully study anything and everything around me, try and comprehend all the observations as lessons of life. Once a lesson is learnt one becomes capable of earning a penny, but when one applies this knowledge they say one turns a penny wiser and this becomes wisdom and the second one any day is better than the first. Well with that prologue please join me in my drive to drop my daughter to her school. I am a big time fan of Shah Rukh Khan, I always wonder what they mean by genes, now I understood when she doesn’t get in to my dance class to learn Bharatanatyam but shakes a leg to Shahrukh’s Chammak Challo, and probably there must also be something like selective genes. Anyways there is a verse in the song that says “Aa meri akhiyon se akhiya mila le” and she asked me, “amma what does mila le mean”. And I tried to explain the whole thing to a 4 and half year old as though if I didn’t explained that she is missing that 1 mark in her selection exams for any competitive exams. After hearing to me for 2 minutes she simply said, no it means it is very nice and started shaking her head in tune with her mood for rhythm. I kept looking at her and was confused, should I be happy with her confidence or should I be concerned that her confidence is not for the right information. There was a workshop that afternoon for a teen group on Confidence building. Shared this incident cheerfully and the generation being smart admitted that being confident in the right content is important. Yes they say you fake it you make it, but one should be able to make it with the right inputs. Didn’t I say in my previous experiences that I had no confidence if I was the dance material?

Here is a story for some individuals who would be probably sulking (not necessarily) at homes after doing a full time course or having learnt any art form for many years and not able to pursue it even as a hobby leave alone pursuing it as a profession or performing art. During my chocolate and lime juice phase, I used to argue with my older generation (should I say ignorant of me to not understand they are not the older generation but wiser generation who believed that one should learn from others mistakes against the ultra intelligent generation that feels one should experience their own mistakes and invites trouble) if anyone was stopped from pursuing their interests or hobbies stating as what’s the use of studying medicine when you would not allow the medico to practice it? I didn’t understand the comparison was not quiet homogenous, all that my wiser generation was mentioning was don’t run behind getting what you want in life but make a life with what you get, simple isn’t it. The first one never sees the light of complacency but the latter never gives room for gloom. Scraping the crap for a few, this is my own experience converted in to a story of a bird that was born to fly because all birds are born to fly. But as it grew, it realized it couldn’t fly or soar above. All the others ridicule or the little one feels she is being mocked behind her and she starts digging her face in the mud. They say an idle brain is a devils workshop, but in case of this little one it was a blessing in disguise, she utilized the idle time constructively in thinking of a solution. It felt it should face its fear and that is the only way to get control on ones fear – face it, it tries to shoo away the others and gathers courage and runs shooing the other birds. Eventually it runs so faster and realizes that it is actually running faster than the little birds that are flying perhaps. It further focuses and trains itself to run with its legs that are now stronger and its unbeatable strength. That bird is the Ostrich. Now, its inability to not able to fly doesn’t eliminate it from being a bird, No right? You must be wondering but an ostrich even till date buries its head, and isn’t that a sign of low self confidence? Habits...remember habits die hard? In case of a dancer, (since I am one and can identify with another, a dancer to dancer) just by not performing an art form as you once desired and not being in the league with the cream de la cream can anyone not call you a dancer? Explore and you will find your own potentials within this Art form that has a great bandwidth which has no limits or boundaries, if it was confined then I am afraid this art form can never be termed as a creative art form.  Somehow I just don’t feel like being precise this time, the smarter one is also the one who knows when to sharpen his axe after he cuts his tree. (Will someday share this beautiful story that I read from one of the best books by Management Guru as many call him Shiv Khera – ‘You can win’).

For the time being join me in this flight of confidence to breathe the fresh air of being different yet not losing your identity…….We will alight on yet another story of being different.

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