My First Encounter

This stupidity, of wanting to be different, has made my life to take a lot of contrasting routes. Simple - in the horde of dancers, I felt, I was doing the same thing as others are doing. Wanted to take a break and never would waste time as I love to always learn and with the same old support which I am blessed with, I got an admission in to Xaviers Vignana Jyothi Institue of Management. (Why am I mentioning the name? Well, I committed to the then Chairman that I would always mention the College name whenever I perform and that it would be a good means of publicity, as if I were the greatest performer on earth at that given point of time, and if I didn’t sell that to him I would not get an admission. But, true to my word, I have always maintained to mention my college’s name as I owe a lot to it just like I do to Kalakshetra for what I am today). In a way, for the first time perhaps, I was living my status of wanting to be different - I am now a qualified dancer - amidst the graduates of Management. Finally, I was different – No, I was not Maggie - I was Archana – ‘The Bharatanatyam Dancer’.

It was my orientation week and I was called by my Mentor Dr. D R Subba Rao (He has been a great support and motivating factor and still is). I was asked to present anything on dance for the students. ‘My first encounter’ to be different! I started counting sheep or were they hens? Yes, I had nightmares. It is the time I could get ragged by my seniors. Why, perhaps by my own classmates (though our college was the best user friendly ragging college, thanks to the then Director Brig. VSM Ravindranath Choudhary). I didn’t want to dance a Dhari Juchu or a Thillana or even just an Alarippu. What would they understand! I questioned to self, ‘what my responsibility now was’? I said to myself that I had to get this great Art form to the level of a student, who sees dance as pure entertainment and it means pure business. But I wanted to tell them, “Boss it is serious business”.

My first few classes on Human Resources dealt in understanding what HR is all about. All that I understood at that point was, there are 2 subjects. One - the boss and two - the employee, and there is always a gap between both their expectations. HR - is the bridge that connects both and establishes the relation and maintains it. And to be able to do it to the ‘T’ of it, it is possible with one quality called ‘empathy’.  “There you go”, I said. What is Dhoothika Bhavam? I felt wow! I was donning the role of a HR all these years when I was doing Dhari Juchu padam in Shankarabharanam ragam as the sakhi trying to convince Krishna of the longing of her friend (the heroine) for him.

I started my notes on - ‘Dance – the language - the expression - in day to day life’……….New chapter begins.

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