Beauty lies in simplicity

‘Chocolate, lime juice, ice cream, toffeeya Pehle jaise abb mere shauk hain kaha Gudiya khilone meree saheliya Abb mujhe lagatee hain saree paheliya Yeh kaun sa mod hai umrr kaa...’

This song unfolds one of life’s most simple and complex reality – ‘Change’. What is complex is, ‘Change’ and what is simple is, ‘Change is the only constant thing’.

When I was a baby, I loved dance. When I grew up in to a little girl, I loved dance. When I blossomed in to a young lady, I loved dance. When I transformed in to a woman, I loved dance. When I have become a mother and thus a complete woman, I still love dance and I know, I will continue to love it. Wonder, what is the change? I am not comparing one’s life cycle. The change here is the love towards dance that appears transcendental as each stage passes by. The love for dance started as a space for freedom, as a child, to a hobby as a little girl, to a latent talent as a lady, to a mode of expression as a woman and a companion today, as a complete woman.In introspection - what is constant? – ‘Dance’. And what is the change? – ‘Dance’ – my perspective - and that is the beauty insimplicity and its complexity. Then why resist change?

My journey of understanding dance – differently - begins from here…..pages to unfold!

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